finding the top five face paints

In order to find the top five face paints to utilize for any occasion you have in mind, you need to know exactly what type of face paint you want and for what purpose do you want it for. Also you need to consider the type of face paint you want to get; is it going to powdered in nature or is it going to be glycerin in texture. Here are the top five paints to put in mind when going out for shopping:

1. Snazaroo: snazaroo face paints have been in the market for years now and has a track record of delivering exceptional and high quality face paints to their customer. Aside that is the price range which is less expensive than other brands.

2. Kryolan AquaColor: This face paint is known to cover well and has good penetration on the skin. Although lots of water is needed for full coverage, drying time is quick.

3. Wolfe Hydrocolor: This brand has come out strong over the years with rich pigmentation that allows for less water usage and quicker drying time. Now the drawback is that the heavier pigmentation doesn’t allow good color blending.

4. Mehron Paradise: Mehron has a great history in usage by clowns at festivals and birthday occasion. It is glycerin based and so cleans up easily.

5. TAG: This is fairly new contender and has proved itself in delivering exceptional quality products. It is easy to store and convenient to work with.